The Devil

Number: 15
Astrological sign: Capricorn

Positive associations with this tarot card: permanence, commitment, sexual vitality, ravage, violence, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, force; that which is predestined but is not for this reason evil.

Negative associations with this Tarot card: entrapment, lust, greed, ignorance, anger, tyranny, obsession, evil fatality, weakness, pettiness, blindness.

The Devil is not all bad, if marriage or commitment to a relationship is under consideration and this card falls in a favorable position in a reading The Devil is a good omen. Regarding most other issues, this card is not a very positive one.

The Devil symbolizes lust of the flesh, temptation and addiction, which do not tend to lead to favorable outcomes. Concerning relationships, this card can warn against obsession or people that are no good for us and prompts you to examine the situation carefully. The Devil stands for a warning against the destructive consequences of your actions motivated by greed, lust and power.

More positively, the Devil can be a sign that you are gaining control, or at least awareness, of your weaknesses or addictions. Always consider your motives when The Devil appears, it is a helpful indicator for you to change course whilst you still can.

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